Let a dental hygienist help you

Oral hygiene is important

“It is vitally important to take care of your teeth and gums in between visits to the dentist and hygienist. It is also important to look after the treatment you receive.” We have gathered some tips from dentists in the Hertfordshire area to see what we can do at home to maintain good gum health. Find out more about gum […]

A career in social work or care – What is your pick?

Social care If you like working with people, social care work offers a worthwhile job that could turn into a rewarding career. Social care workers provide the practical support to help people cope with the day-to-day business of living. Discover beauty careers. Social care workers may be home care assistants or work in residential care homes, and there’s a wide […]

Eye Examination – How often?

How frequently should I have an eye test? You will generally be guided by your optician as to how frequently your eyes should be checked up on. But as a general rule two years is seen as a safe interval. Those who have chronic eye problems such as astigmatism or fast-changing prescriptions will need a yearly test, and can be […]

Looking after your skin in your twenties

Your twenties are the best time for your skin. You’ve left the acne of adolescence, but your skin still has a youthful glow and is plump and dewy. But skin cell renewal falls by up to 28%. Dead skin cells fall off, which leads to duller-looking skin. In your thirties Skin cell renewal slows more, while damage from the environment […]

Beauty Courses To Start Your Career

The beauty industry is thriving and is one of the largest industries. The entire market focuses on enhancing an individual’s confidence through applications and methods that works on skin, hair, makeup, nails and more. Contact us. What are the benefits of a career in beauty? You can work in any location Flexible working hours High demand for beauty businesses Sociable […]