Eye Examination – How often?

How frequently should I have an eye test?

You will generally be guided by your optician as to how frequently your eyes should be checked up on. But as a general rule two years is seen as a safe interval. Those who have chronic eye problems such as astigmatism or fast-changing prescriptions will need a yearly test, and can be recalled more often if the optician advises.

When should I have my first test?

Generally it is advisable to have your kids checked before starting school. But if you are concerned about your child’s vision or the appearance of your baby’s eyes do not hesitate to speak to your optician for reassurance and advice. Your child or baby does not have to see letters or answer questions for a true evaluation to be made.
Shall I wait until my vision appears to deteriorate?

The purpose of an eye examination is to assess your eye health and as another function offers you with a correction if necessary (around 70% of exams culminate in a different prescription). The eye can suffer silently losing vital vision for several months without you knowing anything is wrong.